Millions of Brazilians use the Caixa Tem app, which was created to function as a social savings account for social benefits paid by the Federal Government. This week, some groups will receive payments through the platform, including PIX extra payments for thousands of recipients starting from this Monday. These deposits correspond to the December installment of the Bolsa Família program, which monthly releases at least R$ 600 to eligible beneficiaries. The payment schedule will begin soon, benefiting around 21 million families. The order of payment release will follow the final digits of the Social Identification Number (NIS), with those ending in 1 receiving payments first. See the December payment schedule for Caixa Tem below:

– NIS ending in 1: deposit on December 11 (advanced to December 9)
– NIS ending in 2: deposit on December 12
– NIS ending in 3: deposit on December 13
– NIS ending in 4: deposit on December 14
– NIS ending in 5: deposit on December 15
– NIS ending in 6: deposit on December 18 (advanced to December 16)
– NIS ending in 7: deposit on December 19
– NIS ending in 8: deposit on December 20
– NIS ending in 9: deposit on December 21
– NIS ending in 0: deposit on December 22

In addition to the main benefit, some families will also receive extra Pix payments related to the complementary benefits of the income transfer program. These extra payments include:

– Nutriz Family Variable Benefit: A R$ 50 increase in payment for each family member up to six months old.
– Citizenship Income Benefit: An additional R$ 142 per family member.
– Complementary Benefit: Ensures the minimum Bolsa Família amount is R$ 600.
– Early Childhood Benefit: Adds R$ 150 per child up to seven years old in the family.

For more information and updates, access the Caixa Tem website.